Sensitive Self-Care

Essential Practices to Feel Calm, Set Boundaries + Reconnect with Yourself as a Highly Sensitive Person

Created for highly sensitive people who…

  • Have recently discovered that you’re a highly sensitive person and are figuring out what you need to feel your best.
  • Are doing all the self-care things, but still feeling overwhelmed or unfulfilled.
  • Struggle with constant feelings of overwhelm, stress, or overstimulation and are anxious as a result. 
  • Feel guilty when you take time for yourself or set boundaries. 
  • Enjoy deep diving into self-reflection practices. 
  • Need guidance to kickstart an HSP-friendly self-care practice.

Want to lean into the good parts about being highly sensitive!

If you often put others before yourself, can hibernate all weekend and still feel exhausted, or constantly feel overwhelmed and anxious, imagine being able to…

  • Know what you need to feel your best and have time set aside every week to recharge and deeply nourish yourself. 
  • Understand yourself as an HSP and why you need to take care of yourself differently, getting more downtime and doing more soul-nourishing activities.
  • Proactively recharge before you collapse and step outside of the constant overwhelm/crash/hibernate cycle.  
  • Guide yourself through self-soothing exercises to calm the overwhelm and your busy thoughts.  
  • Squeeze out your emotional sponge and set aside the worries you’ve picked up/absorbed that don’t even belong to you. 
  • Know exactly when you need to set a boundary, say “no” to plans, or turn off your phone to protect your energy. 
  • Transform your self-care practice and finally begin to access all the good parts about being highly sensitive.  

To help you prioritize your self-care needs without guilt and feel more fulfilled, this self-paced course includes...

Guided Mindfulness
+ Relaxation Practices

Learn to understand your unique needs as an HSP and ease the overwhelm when you’re having trouble winding down or feeling flustered.

Journaling Prompts

Guidance to help you clear your head, sort through big emotions, and reflect on your experiences from the day.

Boundary Scripts

Know exactly what boundaries can look like and what to say to begin protecting your precious time and energy.

Self-Care Menu

A wide variety of HSP-friendly activities that will leave you feeling nourished and inspired to take good care of yourself.    

Digital Workbook

Over 50 pages of self-reflection activities, quizzes, and other exercises to help you identify boundaries, track overwhelm, and dedicate more time in your schedule to prioritize yourself. 

HSP Resource List

Recommendations for further reading and reflection to help you continue to build on the insights and tools learned in this course. 

Take a Look Inside...

This is a self-paced course. You’ll get immediate, lifetime access to all the materials and can go through them at your own pace. 

Hi, I'm April Snow, LMFT

I’m a licensed psychotherapist, author, and consultant in California who specializes in working with Highly Sensitive Introverts to help them overcome the stress and anxiety of living in a busy, overwhelming world.

Using mindfulness, self-compassion, journaling, and other experiential practices, I help HSPs fully understand their unique needs, release the guilt of prioritizing those needs, and start creating a life on their own terms so that their Sensitive Strengths can shine through.

Deeply committed to changing the narrative of what it means to be Highly Sensitive and understanding first-hand the powerful impact of community, I have created and led HSP workshops and retreats all over the country as well as online.

I created this course because...

I know what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed from doing too much, trying to keep up with everyone around you, and putting your own needs last. To be all alone in how you feel and experience the world around you, constantly thinking you need to be different.

Once I started to embrace my sensitive needs more consistently, so much changed. I now give myself permission to take one day off per week just for myself, make sure I get some downtime everyday, and prioritize those things that fill me up. If a perk of being highly sensitive is feeling deeply and we can feel deep joy from the little things, why deny ourselves that? 

I want you to understand what is possible as an HSP, what you have to offer, and to help you embrace your unique needs and gifts. That starts with self-care!

When you use the tools in this course to regularly practice self-care that nourishes your HSP needs, so much becomes possible…

(1) You’ll feel calm, relaxed, and recharged more often. 

(2) Have clarity about what your self-care needs are and how to satisfy them. 

(3) Access your creativity, intuition, and passion. 

(4) Feel connected to yourself and what makes you feel alive. 

(5) In touch with your needs and emotions, instead of always holding everyone else’s stuff. 

(6) More self-aware and able to protect your energy with clear boundaries.

Ready to calm the overwhelm, put yourself first more often, and take in all the good parts of being highly sensitive?  Sign up below!

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What if I don’t have much bandwidth now, but still want to take the course? 

No worries. This course is completely self-paced, so you can engage with the materials whenever it works for you.   

(2) How long will I be able to access the course? 

You’ll have lifetime access to course materials. 

(3) How is the self-care course different from the self-care sessions?

Think of this course as the foundation to your self-care practice, while the Sensitive Self-Care Sessions are the maintenance to sustain that practice. Also, the sessions give you the option of practicing with others, while the course is completely done on your own.  

(4) Will taking this course provide the same benefits as attending therapy? 

This course can serve as a helpful support in addition to therapy, but is not a substitute for therapy with a qualified mental health practitioner. 

(5) Do I have to be highly sensitive to take this course?

Although this course was designed specifically with the HSP experience in mind, I could imagine anyone who feels deeply, is more empathetic, and tends to put their needs last could benefit.  

(6) What is the refund policy? 

Since you’ll have immediate access to all materials, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.