Confusion to Clarity: Know How Your Clients Are Finding You

An easy-to-use referral tracking system to get the most out of your marketing energy and budget

Created specifically for Sensitive Therapists who:

  • Feel stuck in the dark about where your clients are coming from
  • Are worried you're wasting money on directories, ads, etc. but don't have the numbers to back up your hunch
  • Want so badly to be more organized, but you get overwhelmed by creating systems and spreadsheets
  • Get exhausted by networking and need to be more intentional about which referral relationships you tend to
  • Have a small marketing budget that can't be wasted on guesswork

By the end of this self-paced course, you'll:

  • Have clarity on which referral sources have the highest conversion rates and produce the most income
  • Be able to confidently invest in your best marketing sources instead of throwing around money in the dark
  • Take advantage of the slow times in your practice and be prepared for the busy times (i.e. less anxiety and overwhelm)
  • Have real data to support that fee raise you've been dreaming of giving yourself
  • Maintain consistent contact with a few key referral relationships throughout the year instead of draining your social tank by constantly creating new connections
  • Be able to cancel that directory listing that doesn't align with your values or stop attending networking events you dread

To help you understand how clients are finding you and stop precious energy on marketing that doesn't work, this self-paced course includes:

Intake Call
Brief Intake

Identify the best method to screen for referral sources during the intake process that works for you.

Client Looking for Therapist
Client Contact

Easily track incoming referrals and how they heard about you.

Calculate Conversion Rates
Tracking Log

Automatically calculates your overall conversion rate for the year and by referral source.

Marketing Budget

Syncs with the Referral Log to help you choose marketing sources based on both conversion and the amount of income generated.

Referral Relationships and Networking
Referral Relationship

Keep track of who you've networked with and nurture those referral connections throughout the year.

Annual Review

Reflection questions to help you get clear on what your best and worst referral sources were throughout the year.

April Snow, LMFT

Hi, I’m April Snow, LMFT...

A psychotherapist, consultant, and author in California inspiring Sensitive Therapists to think outside the box to create sustainable practices.  

During the 15 years before becoming a therapist, I held various managerial roles where my specialty was creating systems during times of growth and finding organization amidst the chaos.

My most recent position was as the administrative manager for a quickly growing non-profit counseling center.

I now apply my innate organizational skills and acquired business savvy to help overwhelmed therapists create systems and ease in their practices.

What if you could let go of those dreadful marketing tasks and do more of what you enjoy?

During my first two years of private practice, I experimented with so many different types of marketing:

  • Postcards and Flyers
  • Free and Paid Directories
  • Yelp, Facebook, and Google Ads
  • Blogging and SEO
  • Networking Individually and Attending Events
  • Therapist Facebook Group Threads

I was so exhausted, overwhelmed, and confused. What was working? How much money was I wasting?

Were the marketing efforts I loved like blogging, sharing on social media, and working on my website's SEO enough that I could never attend another networking event again?!

I needed a way to find out. Since I love creating spreadsheets, I made my own system for tracking referrals each month and reviewing all the "data" at the end of the year. After that first year, I was delighted to confirm that I didn't need to network and I could cancel many of my directory listings because my website, blogging, and word-of-mouth referrals were bringing in the majority of my clients.

If you're unsure which referral sources are consistently bringing in new clients or are feeling lost as to where to focus your marketing, this course will provide the clarity and tools you're looking for.

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